Yardian and Aamazon Alexa

How to Use Amazon Alexa to Control Yardian

The Yardian Skill in the Amazon Alexa app allows you to use voice commands to control your Yardian/Yardian Pro smart sprinkler controller. Amazon Alexa voice assistant supports several basic and commonly used functions for controlling the Yardian – you can:

  • Run single or multiple zones in sequence
  • Stop (skip) a current watering task
  • Ask about the next watering task
  • Ask about the zone name

To get started, you need to have a Yardian account. You can create your Yardian account through the Yardian app or the Yardian web app. Once you create your account and log in to the Yardian app, you can add a device and enable zones connected to sprinkler valves.

Please follow the instructions to learn how to link the Yardian Skill and set up the Amazon Echo smart spreaker in the Alexa app.

How to Link the Yardian Skill in Amazon Alexa
How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker
After connecting Alexa to Yardian, you can say commands like “Alexa, ask Yardian to water Zone 1 for two minutes,” or “Alexa, ask Yardian to start/stop watering.” Try it for yourself now!

Yardian Skill Voice Commands


  • Alexa, ask Yardian
  • Alexa, launch Yardian
You will hear “Welcome to Yardian,” then you can use Yardian voice commands like “start zone one for 10 minutes.” You can also say a whole sentence, like “Alexa, ask Yardian to do run zone one for 10 minutes.” Alexa might have problems recognizing keywords like Yardian in a whole sentence. If this happens, please say “Alexa, ask Yardian“ or “launch Yardian” first, then say the other commands.

Run a zone

  • Start watering
You can simply say “start watering” to activate multiple zones one by one. Yardian is the only controller in the market that can run all your zones with one simple command. Please make sure you have set up the “watering tasks” – zone and duration pair(s) – in your Yardian app “Control” page before using this command.
  • Start zone two for 1 hour
  • Run zone three for half an hour
  • Turn on zone five for 15 minutes
  • Water zone one for 10 minutes
  • Begin watering in zone four for 15 minutes

Stop a zone

  • Turn off
  • Turn it off
  • Stop current watering task
  • Stop watering
  • Stop current watering
  • Turn off watering
The current watering task will be skipped, and the next task will continue.

Ask about the next watering task

  • Next watering task
  • Next watering time
  • What is the next watering task
  • When will be the next run
  • When is the next run
  • When is the next time for watering
  • Next watering task in Yardian

Ask about the zone name

  • Tell me the name of zone two
  • Zone name of zone three
  • What is the name of zone one
  • What is zone two
  • Name of zone five
  • What is zone three called
  • What do I call zone two

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